Benjamin Earnshaw Bucktrout




     Benjamin Earnshaw Bucktrout, born in 1803 to Mary and Benjamin Bucktrout, married Lucy Talbot Cosby at age 21.  She had been born in the Moore House at Yorktown, probably the year of the Louisiana Purchase.  Their first child, Virginia Constance, was born the next year, 1826.  They owned the Greenhow-Repiton House and the brick office in 1828, and the Geddy house in 1831.   From 1830-1835, Benjamin Earnshaw owned the Peter Scott House, but the Geddy House was the home for his family for many years. 

    Ben Earnshaw died in 1846, leaving two older daughters, Virginia Constance and Mary Eliza, and a son Benjamin E. Jr. who died later at 6, and a daughter Lutie (Louise ?), 2.