williamsburg through our ancestors’ eyes



Incorporated 1954 Williamsburg, VA

   The Bucktrout Braithwaite Memorial Foundation was incorporated as a not for profit corporation by virtue of Chapter 13 Title 13 of the code of Virginia.

    The Principal office of the said corporation is Providence Hall on Bucktrout Lane in the City of Williamsburg, Virginia.  The annual meeting and family reunion are held in October of each year.


Bucktrout-Braithwaite Properties in the City of Williamsburg:

  1. Bullet Henry Wetherburn’s Tavern

  2. Bullet Providence Hall

  3. Bullet The Pond and Ravine at Providence Hall

  4. Bullet The Family Burying Ground

  5. Bullet The lots (#251 & #252 of Block 2) on the south side of Francis St.

  6. Bullet Booker’s Tenement

  7. Bullet Mr. Dubois Grocery

  8. Bullet The Printing Office and Bookbindery

  9. Bullet Jennie’s Bottom Land & Stream (behind the print shop and post office) & the property back to Nicholson St.