Romance on the desert


Miserie, Oct. 23rd 1905

Dear Clara,

We were so surprised to know you were to go today and Mad! The wretch, I could !!!!@#% him! 

Now, I saw you go to the kitchen this morning so I went to the windows and raised them.  It was awful warm in the kindergarten all at once anyway.  I had it all nicely arranged how I was going to wave my handkerchief (and kiss my hand to you) - so that neither the children in the kindergarten nor the indians in the wagon could see me.

And you didn’t look!!!!!!

Mr. Johnson came in to ask me for a match.  Just about scared me stiff!  Whew!!!  But I was busy looking over my register.  Glad he didn’t catch me writing.  Now please don’t expect anything about this to be connected.

The children are drawing a picture that is on the blackboard - there are mountains in the background, trees, and the rain is pouring down - there is a man out in it with an umbrella and I wonder if he really has got one, I hope so.

The children are the new ones and they won’t sit still.  They bring me their slates and I have nearly nodded my head off telling (trying to) them they are all right and trying to write at the same time.  We looked under our doors, there in the dinning room under our plates, after school, hoping you had left us some word.  Let us know how we can get word to you, and when you will be back.  He took this - the wretch - as the most affective way to punish all three.  He is positively satanic.  At dinner time I met them in the hall.  Mrs. McA looked and smiled but he turned his head away quick with a jerk. @#%$!!!!!  We hope to send these this P.M. if we can get a way.

It is recess now.  We disgraced ourselves again in assembly again Dear me! this A.M. I am disgraced forever and ever.  The sun is shinning just a little bit just now.  Hope it will clear off.

Write and tell us how it happened you were sent this morning - and everything!  Guess you don’t like this phase of romance do you?  It is very romantic though and so dramatic - intensely so!  We’ll dream of you by night and hope for your return by day. 

Your loving friend,

Minnie G. Braithwaite