Richard Manning Bucktrout



    Richard Manning Bucktrout, born in 1805 to Mary and Benjamin Bucktrout, married Adelia Adalaide Churchill Higgins, at age 29, of New kent Co. and in 1835, they lived on the site of the King’s Arm Tavern and the adjoining Purdie site next door (east).  Here, their first son was born in 1836 to die within the year, and two more sons were to die before they were eight, and were buried at Bruton Parish Church.

    Just before the California Gold Rush while Polk was president (1845-47) Richard Manning and Adelia Adalaide Churchill, who had lost three boys, had a daughter Delia Adalaide Churchill Bucktrout.

    Adelia Adalaide Churchill died in 1857, and Richard Manning remarried.  His second wife was Celestia Lindsay, and to them a daughter was born, Mary Elizabeth, and a son Horatio Nelson (1860-1933).

    Richard Manning died in 1867 at the the age of 63 just before a second grandson, Richard Manning Braithwaite was born (died 1869).  He left the store and undertaking business on the Duke of Gloucester Street to Delia and her husband William Henry.  The Kings Arms (site) home to his widow Celestia, son Horatio and daughter Mary Elizabeth.